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Busy B (Academic Tutoring)

An enrichment program For Bee Outstanding!

Program for Beginning readers(4 years old) and Kindergartners

Students in this program will learn letter recognition, entery-level phonics, and basic sight words. Your child will learn to read simple words and short sentences.

Program for 1st Garders

Students in this program learn phonics and sight words, and improve comprehension. Grade level vocabulary words are also given. Basic composition skills are introduced.

Program for 2nd Graders

Students in this program build strong phonics skills, and develop fluency in oral and silent reading. Comprehension activties are also being practised more. Grade-level vocabulary and sentence makingare being practiced more.

Program for 3rd Graders

Students in this program develop long-word decoding skills, reading fluency, and reading for details. Grade-level vocabulary and sentence making are being improved.

Program for 4th and 5th Graders

Students in this program improve long-word decoding skills, fluency, and strong comprehension.

Program for 6th Graders

Students in this program learn the best way to read textbooks, read for details, take notes, and study for tests.


Offered through
Little People's Playhouse
32 S Fairview St,
Roslindale, 02131

Enrichment areas:






For more information call 617-323-2566
Mon-Fri: 1p.m.- 3p.m.

The program is open on Saturdays only.

The Little People's Playhouse Team , Roslindale.