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School-Aged Program: Yes! I Can!


Little People’s Playhouse is extremely pleased to announce the YES! I CAN! Program. We provide before/afterschool/out of school care for your family. By choosing YES! I CAN! you are giving your scholar the opportunity to benefit from a quality program that has many years of experience of serving children and their families. We also support your scholar’s emotional health and well-being by promoting a positive environment. The Yes! I Can! program will help your scholar focus on goal setting and character development to encourage personal growth and lifelong success.

What We Provide at YES! I CAN!


  • Scholars will be encouraged to build on time management skills.
  • Scholars will have a set time for doing their daily homework assignments.
  • If he/she has completed their assignments, the program will provide extra academic work to support your scholar’s current level and lessons in school. This will ensure that your scholar’s academic level will keep on progressing.
  • Scholars are also provided with challenging academic activities if the time permits.


  • There will be a set area for homework completion.
  • Quiet areas with good lighting, comfortable tables and chairs that will help scholars focus more on what they are learning.
  • These areas will be free of distractions and clutter.
  • Individualized and small group seating arrangements are both available depending on the scholars need.
  • There will also be a designated area for quiet reading.
  • A computer will also be available for academic purposes.
  • A scholar can bring a device from school to complete assignments.


  • There will be a group leader in charge of the YES! I CAN! program
  • The group leader will help and guide your scholar as they complete their homework.
  • The scholars will have opportunities to peer assist the younger scholars with varied activities.


  • The YES! I CAN! program provides contract setting and positive reinforcements for homework completion.
  • Incentives can be in a form of materials that they can take home when students finish their homework on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Incentives depend on the group leader and scholar agreements.
  • This further encourages the scholars to have a sense of responsibility towards their schoolwork and build on healthy work habits.
  • YES! I CAN! offers Fun Fridays wherein scholars do fun activities with their group leader.


  • The YES! I CAN! program provides feedback to parents on a daily basis.
  • Academic progress is better achieved through a hand-in-hand approach.
  • Open communication between scholars, parents, school teachers, and group leaders are essential to better monitor the scholars progress and current needs.
. The Little People's Playhouse Team , Roslindale.